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Dutch Design in flowers at the Keukenhof opening

New Keukenhof entrance building in use

Lisse, 21 March 2017. The 68th edition of Keukenhof has started. The official opening was dedicated to Dutch Design and the new entrance building. Over 100 varieties of tulip are already in bloom at the park. At Keukenhof, spring has truly begun.

Dutch Design in flowers

Keukenhof’s theme for 2017 is ‘Dutch Design’. Christien Meindertsma, winner of the Dutch Design Award played an important role during Keukenhof’s official opening.
Dutch designers are globally esteemed for their ground-breaking ideas in the field of fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design. They inspired the theme for this Keukenhof season. Dutch Design has been incorporated into the bulb mosaic, one of the themed year’s highlights.

Furthermore, the flower shows at the Oranje Nassau Paviljoen are dedicated to Dutch Design. One of the inspirational gardens has also been given over to the theme, and fashion and furniture design inform the orchid and anthurium shows at the Beatrix Paviljoen.

Keuken hof’s new entrance building taken into operation

After years of preparation, Keukenhof will be taking its new entrance building into operation. A beautiful design by the world renowned firm of architects Mecanoo from Delft. Francine Houben, creative director of Mecanoo, officially opened the building.

The entrance building houses public functions such as box offices, the information desk and shops. The use of natural materials – wood, copper and brick lends the building its exceptional character.

Keukenhof continues to work to improve quality and service for its guests. “Today, after a long, cold winter we celebrate the start of a new spring with the opening of Keukenhof. In recent years, Keukenhof has undergone wonderful development. Visitor numbers are up. The park has become even more beautiful and now blooms from the first to the last day. And we have made substantial investments in improving facilities at the park,” says Siemerink., director Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is open to the public from Thursday 23 March 2017 onwards. Eight weeks later, when it closes on 21 May 2017, well over 1 million people will have visited the flower exhibition from all over the world.



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The Golden Age provides the inspiration for the Keukenhof 2016 theme

The Keukenhof theme for 2016 is “The Golden Age”. The era in which the Netherlands went through a flourishing period in the field of trade, arts and sciences. This was also the period in which the world was discovered and the tulip trade thrived.

The highlight is a flower bulb mosiac about the Golden Age. The mosiac shows a Delft Blue tile on which the trade across the seas and the rich canal-side houses of Amsterdam are depicted. The mosiac has an area of 250m². There are 100.000 flower bulbs used: tulips, grape hyacinths (muscari) and crocuses. The mosaic is planted with two layers of bulbs ensuring that it will bloom throughout the whole season.

The tulip is the distinctive icon of Netherlands throughout the world. And Keukenhof can do no other than give the tulip centre stage. An exhibition being organised in the Juliana Pavilion shows the history of the tulip, 17th Century tulip mania and today’s tulip as contemporary icon.

The tale of the tulip is truly impressive. From bulbs worth their weight in gold, theft, and a mountain dweller that feels at home in the Dutch climate, to the story of the black tulip, and famous people who gave their name to new varieties. All these stories are told in the Tulpomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion.

Christen your own tulip, see how the new tulips are cultivated, and receive advice and tips from our experts about the use of flower bulbs in your own garden.

The Golden Age provides the inspiration for the flower mosaic and for many of the flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. New in 2016 are a Golden Age inspirational garden and a Delft Blue garden.

Keukenhof 2016: 24 March – 16 May




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Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise
If you fancy flexing your synaptic muscles, take yourself down to Max Euwe Centrum for a free game of chess! This centre is dedicated to the game and is free all, from Monday to Thursday, between 12:00 noon and 16:00. You’ll find this place down on Max Euweplein 30II, 1017 MB Amsterdam.

Max Euwe world champion Chess open in new window



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Park Life @ Flying Pig Uptown Hostel

Green spaces can be hard to come by in a city as compact as Amsterdam but luckily enough, there’s a huge park on the doorstep for everyone staying at the Flying Pig Uptown hostel. Vondelpark is quite literally just out of the hostel’s front door, and the scenic stress busting walks here – past the water features, trees and bandstands – cost nothing.

Vondel Park near the Flyingpig Uptown



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Take a Free Ferry Ride In Amsterdam

Take a Free Ferry Ride
free ferry Canal boat tours of Amsterdam can cost a small fortune, so instead why not hop a free ferry ride from Amsterdam to the shipyard in the cool, new, and regenerated – Berlinesque area.The ferry connecting Amsterdam to Berlinesque is a commuter service and just like the Staten Island Ferry in New York – it’s free for all foot passengers who come aboard. open in new window