Our Locations

Experience the real hustle and bustle of Amsterdam at the Flying Pig hostels. Our three youth hostels are world famous for their relaxed atmosphere in true Amsterdam style.

The Pig bars are the best place in town to have a drink or an unforgettable party, meet other guests and staff or have a smoke together. At all 3 hostels all essentials are included in the price: breakfast, bed linen, wifi, lockers (bring your own padlock), maps, guides, free city tours and more. Our hostels even have a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook your own meals.

Why Amsterdam

Fancy sipping on something cool in a bustling square during the day, then partying hard at night? Then it’s time to tick Amsterdam off your bucket list. Equipped with museums, marijuana, tulips and cheese, the city has so much to offer you budding backpackers. From the notorious Red Light District, the famous Dam Square to over 160 canals lined by bars, immerse yourself in the culture, art and nightlife and make like-minded friends along the way. There’s a reason the Netherlands attracts millions of a tourists each year.

Our Piggy Hostels offer modern budget accommodation in the city with one hell of a party atmosphere. Plus, us Dutch are friendly and fun. Go on...get on a basket bike and enjoy the ride…

Piggy Tales


Ronan Brosnan


“The Vondelbunker is an old bunker and located just across the street from the Uptown, under the Vondelpark bridge. It's an underground (literally!) club with weekly art expos, alternative theatre and of course rocking parties. Find the iron door and you're in!”


Berber van der Kooij


“One of my favourite places in Amsterdam is Pllek. It's a little beach in the north where you can eat, drink and chill. There is a really nice atmosphere and I really like the industrial vibe of the north. Also, the ferry to go there is for free!”


Lelde Marcinkevica


“One of my favourite spots in Amsterdam is Roest. It's probably the most tropical place in Amsterdam as they have a great artificial beach, a lot of different cocktails and cold beers. During summer they set up a massive water slide and a rope swing and always have great music and super laid back atmosphere.”