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An orange bicycle along the canal in Amsterdam

11 Free Things to do in Amsterdam (All Year Round)

While it’s very easy to go wild with your euros in Amsterdam (trust us, we know), the Dutch city can definitely be enjoyed on a budget. We’ve rounded up the best things to do in the capital for FREE FREE FREE  - which means more money to spend on foodaccommodation and travel costs.

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A glass of beer on a table overlooking Amsterdam.

7 Coolest Rooftop Bars in Amsterdam

I don’t know about you guys, but here at St Christopher’s Inns we love rooftop bars. Maybe it’s the magical vibes, the feeling like you’re on top of the world, the fantastic views or maybe just the fact that each one is unique.  That’s why exploring rooftop bars in a foreign country is a must! Here our some of our treasured rooftops in the stunning capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam...

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A plate of Dutch poffertjes.

8 Dutch Foods You Need to Try in Amsterdam

Amsterdam may be famous for its epic coffee shops, beautiful canals and charming architecture. However, exploring the exciting capital can make you very hungry - and there’s nothing better to do than to feast on some traditional Dutch grub! So eat like the locals and indulge in the specialties (some sweet, some savoury,  and some rather fishy).

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People dancing in a club.

The 7 Best Clubs in Amsterdam

If we had to describe the nightlife in Amsterdam in one word - it would be EPIC. However it’s always a bit risky clubbing on foreign turf (as you never know what to expect). A club could either make or break a night, depending on how good it is. So, we thought we’d help you make the selection process easier. These are rockin’ clubs where you’ll find plenty of locals and a great vibe  - plus the young Dutch sure know how to party hard. Let them show you the time of your life at our 7 tried and tested spots...

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