Affordable Yoga Classes in Amsterdam For Backpackers

Health and wellness in Amsterdam is a big thing, which for the yogis amongst you will be music to your ears. There are some incredible yoga classes in Amsterdam that are ideal for backpackers looking for some time to stretch, strengthen or sometimes to simply switch off while on the road. We’ve put together a list of the best yoga studios in Amsterdam that are actually really affordable, but if you know your stuff and your mat is on hand, an early morning session in Vondelpark is just as satisfying. Read on to find out the best affordable places to get your yoga fix in Amsterdam.

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De Nieuwe Yoga School

De Nieuwe Yoga School is one of the city’s best rated places for every kind of yogi from novice to expert. Here, you can pay €15 per lesson or €55 for 10 lessons - ideal if you’re in Amsterdam for one month and looking for somewhere light and spacious to fit in some yoga practice. With a packed out weekly schedule, of course the range of yoga classes will contain anyone’s preferred yoga style. From a range of Vinyasa classes to Core Flow and free 45 minute meditation sessions every morning Monday to Friday, yogis will be in their element.

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Studio 191

With a studio located both in the cool De Pijp neighbourhood and in Amsterdam West, Studio 191 has back to back classes all day, every day - over 180 classes a week! There’s sunrise yoga for the early risers, as well as candlelight yoga for those that prefer it to wind down in the evenings, plus everything else in between. Pay €15 for a one off class to get your yoga fill, or if you’re a student in town for 2 weeks, why not pay the introductory €30 fee for 5 lessons within 14 days? All classes at Studio 191 are given in English by qualified instructors from all over the world.

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Svaha Yoga

Svaha Yoga has been teaching yoga in Amsterdam for 15 years, and was the first in the city to offer the practice of Vinyasa - a physical and mental workout that’s good for the soul. They have studios in three different spots in the city (Downtown, Jordaan and North), and of the range of classes they teach, each has three different intensities making it easy for newcomers to yoga or well-practiced yogis to pick a class to suit them. At €60 for 10 classes, the price is worth it. The second you step into Svaha Yoga you will feel right at home from the staff and surroundings, the perfect welcome before you reach for your mat.

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Volkshotel Rooftop Yoga

There’s no better time or place for yoga than under a shining sun, and at Volkshotel you can practice at a class on their open rooftop. Pay €12 for a lesson with Mareille, who teaches her students a fusion of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga for 75 minute sessions. Mareille only teaches 4 classes a week, so if you’re looking to make the most of her rooftop sessions, you’ll have to book on in advance and make sure you choose a day when the weather is clear and sunny (or the class will be taken inside the hotel). Yoga while taking in views and basking in the sun? Sounds like the way to do it.

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Yoga by the canal

When in Amsterdam, make use of the relaxing sound of the city’s canals and try some Yoga With Jo. Yoga With Jo takes place each Sunday on a wooden terrace right by the Olympiakanaal. For €10, you must book in advance and have your own mat, but this small weekly yoga practice is oh so worth being organised. Be at one with your mat and take in the canal view during Jo’s unique canalside yoga practice. Just hope for bright, sunny skies to avoid disappointment and a cancelled class.

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Article by Darcy King