Rotterdam canal

Why you have to visit Rotterdam while in The Netherlands

Hi there fellow travellers, Teuntje and Maartje here! As you can read from our unfamiliar names, we are two girls from The Netherlands, currently working at The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel in Amsterdam. As much as we love our city, we feel like tourists often forget that our country is more than just the capital. As proud members of the Europe’s Famous Hostel family, we’d like to show you what more our beautiful country has to offer by taking you on a trip to Rotterdam! And it’s not just weed and bikes guys…


How to get to Rotterdam from Amsterdam

If you’re staying at our Flying Pig Uptown hostel in Amsterdam and planning to visit Rotterdam next, the journey there by train seriously couldn’t be easier. From Amsterdam Centraal, train journeys can take as little as 35 minutes into Rotterdam Centraal with ticket prices starting from €15,40. Otherwise, the slowest train takes just 1hr15. Not bad, right?


If you’re flying into the Netherlands and heading straight to Rotterdam, it’s just a 30 minute train ride from Schiphol Airport.

Head to the Trainline website to book trains online

Why Rotterdam?

With its modern architecture, growing student community and an epic art scene, Rotterdam is definitely a city to watch! If you ask a “Rotterdammer” 15 years ago whether you should visit the city, they would have said: no! The city did not stand out of the crowd and it missed the atmosphere that attracts young people now.

In 2014 the city started the ‘Make it Happen’ campaign to put the city back on the map.


Since then, the city has been in transition. Big architects started building their designs throughout the city, lots of bars and restaurants opened their doors and the city started to be more appealing to the young creative crowd. Now, in 2018, the city is very popular amongst youngsters and is now a hidden gem for travellers!

Rotterdam bridge

Already excited? We will tell you all about our experiences visiting the city and the best hostel in town: Hostel ROOM!

Where to stay

Only a 10 minute drive away from Rotterdam Central station you will find Hostel ROOM. The location is great, in the heart of the historic centre near the famous Erasmus bridge. Upon arrival we received a welcoming pint of beer: perfect! The hostel immediately felt like stepping into your own living room. The communal area had lots of couches where people were enjoying a beer and getting to know each other.

ROOM Hostel

After check-in a staff member showed us around the hostel. We were happily surprised to see that all dorms were themed and decorated in style. The disco room, sports room and love room. Our favourite one included typical Dutch features like clogs and Delfts blue wall paintings.

It’s exceptional how friendly the staff were, willing to make your stay the greatest. You can see that they honestly love to work there and are travellers themselves. Organising events to connect solo travellers was one of their main goals: a great Europe’s Famous Hostel mentality! For instance, pasta nights, pub crawls and several different walking tours. We joined in on the evening walking tour and live music night.

ROOM Hostel

In under 3 hours our guide Jeremy showed all the city has to offer. The modern buildings along the waterside but also the more historic centre and his favourite hangouts in the trendy Witte de Withstraat. He also took the time to meet all the guests and we had to tell facts about our own countries. A fun way to get introduced to other countries and cultures! In the evening, everyone gathered together in the common area to enjoy live jazz music over a beer or two (or three, or more).

The next morning we had to check-out already. Thank you to the great staff of Hostel Room for making our stay in Rotterdam the greatest!

Our top recommendations

1 Eat at Fenix Food Hallen

A hipster hangout for foodies from around the world! This warehouse along the Maas river has lots of different food stalls. Take a break from the busy city  centre and enjoy your lunch with an amazing view over modern skyscrapers.

Fenix Food Hallen

2 Take a water taxi

Take a ride in a speedy water taxi that can take you from the SS Rotterdam boat to any part of the city you’d like to explore!

Water taxi in Rotterdam

3 Explore the artsy Witte de Withstraat

The artistic heart of the city centre! This is the best place to see street art and sit down for a couple of beers on one of the many cool bars and terraces.


What are you waiting for? Get the genuine backpacker experience of The Netherlands and visit Rotterdam for the time of your life!